Iosif Derecichei
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Iosif Derecichei 




I approach my work in a state of anticipation and adventure.  Each begins as an exploration into the unknown and involves a sense of risk-taking.   There is an attempt to convey emotion by expressing it in the metaphorical use of color, line and textures. 


In our individual journeys through time we are each influenced and transformed by the places, people and the events of our past. Memories, conscious or subliminal, permeate our thoughts and shape our journey into the future. With my paintings I strive to establish a sense of place, while exploiting the tension between figuration and abstraction to express energy and passion. The use of oils allows me to infuse the works with subtle variances in texture and values that to me are reflective of the nuances of meaning in life itself.


The creation of each work nourishes me with new ideas and discoveries – a springboard for future expression.  At a certain point in the process, as the images begin to speak to me, I realize that they have now taken on a distinct life of their own.  It is always my hope that upon completion they will speak to others as well.